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Baltimore: The Next Great Startup City?



Everyone thinks of Silicon Valley as tech startup central–and, well, it is. But there are also plenty of tech-minded folks out there who can’t handle the high cost of living, and who instead flock to other cities. Other cities like, well, Baltimore.

How to Build a Baltimore Startup, With Founders of OrderUp, Millennial Media

MM cofounder Chris Brandenburg and OrderUp CEO Chris Jeffery.

OrderUp CEO Chris Jeffery and Millennial Media cofounder Chris Brandenburg doled out advice to startup founders gathered at The CO-OP for a discussion organized by Kinglet as part of Baltimore Innovation Week. Brandenburg, who left Millennial in 2013, was an investor in OrderUp, adding another layer to the conversation.

Baltimore-Developed Parking App: Will It Solve Your Federal Hill Parking Woes?



This morning, the Baltimore Sun has a big article on a new app developed by a 24-year-old Canton man. Haystack aims to help beleaguered Baltimore drivers find parking spots by allowing users to alert each other to open parking spots. Why Haystack? Because “anyone from Canton, Fells Point or Federal Hill knows that finding parking can be like finding a needle in a haystack.”

Of course, Haystack developer Eric Meyer doesn’t expect people to engage out of the goodness of their hearts. If you find a parking spot using Haystack, you pay $3; if you leave a spot that someone else takes, you get $2.25. Haystack pockets the remaining 75 cents.

Not everyone is excited about Meyer’s app, which he describes as “kind of like Uber meets Tindr,” and which he predicts “could be big for Baltimore and really help solve a major problem.”

The app should be available for both Android and iOS systems as of this evening.

Wasabi Ventures CEO Digs Into His Baltimore Roots

ViiNetwork co-founders Phil Newman and Paul Winterling sit outside Wasabi’s Baltimore office. Photo by Steve Ruark.

Couresty Bmore Media – You can take Tom “TK” Kuegler out of Baltimore, but he’ll leave his heart and checkbook behind.

Kuegler, an Essex native and Loyola University grad, left Charm City more than ten years ago for the wilds of Montana. There, he indulged his passion for the outdoors while regularly commuting to San Francisco to indulge his other passion–early stage technology companies.