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Thanksgiving Ice Cream Pies from The Charmery


Charmery Pie

catch of the day fish (2)Sure, a few days ago we said we wouldn’t trust our Thanksgiving dessert table to anyone by Dangerously Delicious Pies. And we still stand by that…kind of. But how were we to know that our top fave locavore ice cream shop, The Charmery, was offering their own version of a Thanksgiving pie delight? What began with us investigating their ice cream offerings in preparation for serving our own pies a la mode quickly spun out of control as we discovered The Charmery’s Thanksgiving special: a pie made from spiced pumpkin ice cream with a salty caramel topping and graham cracker crust. Can we possibly resist?

Specialty Hot Chocolate at The Charmery


The Charmery

catch of the day fish (2)It seems like only yesterday that The Charmery opened its doors on the corner of the Avenue and Chestnut in Hampden. Back then, it was late summer, and everyone within a mile radius was practically banging down the doors, wondering when the mom and pop ice cream store would finally open and give us some sweet respite from the summer heat. This winter has sure been no picnic anywhere in the country– but here as we’re maybe seeing a few glimpses of spring, we figure let’s keep the hot beverages flowing for those last sweet moments.

Hampden Ice Cream Parlor Unveils Oriole-Themed “Crunch Davis” Flavor




It’s sweet cream ice cream with orange sprinkles and bits of Nestle Crunch bars, and it comes in a dish shaped like an O’s cap. It’s called “Crunch Davis,” a nod to Orioles first baseman Chris “Crush” Davis, and it’s the newest offering from Hampden’s Charmery ice cream parlor.

It’s fitting that Davis be the inspiration for the flavor. With the Orioles currently playing below their ability and struggling to make it into the postseason as a wild card team, his performance at bat this season is a consolation prize. His 47 homeruns and counting lead the major leagues and put him on pace to break a club record for homeruns in a single season.