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More Rats for Baltimore


There’s something I have to tell you about all this warm weather we’ve been having. It’s going to translate into more rats. No kidding.

When the mercury rises we humans go outside more and leave more food in trashcans, and you know who loves food? Rats. And I don’t want to freak anyone out, but in DC, some of the rats haven’t been fitting in the traps!

I figure we might as well accept our new rat reality. And you know what? At least there’s one group that can thrive in this city — I mean, am I right? Okay, so to get into mood, I assembled this YouTube mix for you, all about rats.

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat – “Rats
Wipers – “Return of the Rat”
Modest Mouse – “I Came as a Rat”
The Doors – “Dead Cats, Dead Rats”
The Kinks – “Rats”
Sonic Youth – “Rats”
GBH – “City Baby Attacked by Rats”

Something to Complain About Amid the Mild Weather


If you’ve been pleased with the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been experiencing lately, then you probably don’t work for a ski resort, and you’re probably not a skier yourself.

Maryland ski resorts Liberty Mountain, Whitetail, Roundtop Mountain, and Wisp are either totally quiet or only operating a tiny fraction of their runs. And this is usually their busiest time of the season.

Sure they’ve got million-dollar snow machines that would make any James Bond villain proud, but without a little cooperation from mother nature in the form of freezing temperatures and low humidity,

This hasn’t just been a problem for the Mid-Atlantic. Ski resorts across New York State and Northern New England have also been hampered by the warm weather.

Though you may find the air to be plenty cold today, the forecast calls for warmer temperatures this weekend.

Still, there’s enough time left in the season to recover. And the area’s ski resort operators are just waiting for the right conditions. Anne Weimer, marketing manager for Liberty Mountain Resort, told The Sun, “When the temperatures drop, we’ll be ready to pump up the snow guns.”