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Catching Up with 2012’s Little Characters



This year’s Wee Chic Little Character’s Search is well underway. We thought we’d check in with some of the kids who were selected last year. Where are they now? Turns out, the same places we found them — enjoying Baltimore’s parks, snow ball stands (well, maybe in a few months), and all things “regular kid.” We caught up with Sydney and her mom, Melissa to see how the experience was for them.

BFB: How was it to be part of Little Characters last year? Was the photo shoot fun? Did friends recognize you in the ads?

Sydney:  It was fun to be a part of Little Characters. We got to get our hair done, try on great clothes and get our picture taken.  My friends and family recognized me online and in the magazine.

    Wee Chic’s 4th Annual Little Characters Search Starts Now!

    Christopher, Age 4, Baltimore
    Christopher, Age 4, Baltimore

    Remember back when photos required film, and that film came in limited roles? When your phone wasn’t also your camera? Well, today’s kids don’t.  Tots growing up today get way more time in front of the camera than those of us who grew up pre-digital.  My nephews have been mugging for photos ever since they popped out of the womb: a trip to the farmer’s market, a moderately good sand castle, an ice-cream cone all over the face are all now Kodak moments. And why not? You’ve got the phone, the kid, and all the digital memory you could ever want. So what’s it all boil down to? Kids today are far more practiced models than we ever were. Sure, you may have been just as adorable, but did the camera love you?

    Wee Chic Boutique—Baltimore’s hippest children’s clothing store—has long been wise to this phenomenon. They know that Baltimore’s kids are super-cool, super-cute, and also great in front of the camera. Wee Chic (located in Green Spring Station in Lutherville) believes kids are never too young to enjoy great style and self expression, which could be one reason they’ve won Best of Baltimore awards three years in a row. But carrying such an amazing selection of kids clothing (featuring favorite designers such as Desiguel, Tooby Doo, Splendid, and Tea Collection) requires equally amazing kids to model the stuff. And so, Wee Chic is announcing its fourth annual Little Characters Search.