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TRE Workshops and Certification Training at Respite



catch of the day fish (2)We’ve all had this experience: you’re going through a rough time in life, bad things are happening, stress is piling up, you’ve got way too many balls in the air, and bam! You’re suddenly laid out flat on your back with a wicked cold or flu. Coincidence? We think not. The body and mind are of course deeply interconnected, and in a pretty constant chicken-and-egg kind of dance. And it’s that kind of thinking that’s behind TRE™, a set of exercises that are based on neurological, biological and anatomical functioning that follow trauma and chronic tension. TRE™ is designed to tap into the body’s natural functioning to process the internalized effect of trauma and leave you renewed and restored– in both and physically emotionally better condition. It’s based on therapeutic approaches such as bioenergetics, tai chi, yoga and other eastern practices; and while you can often find a facilitator who offers TRE™ sessions, next month, Respite is offering the opportunity to become a facilitator yourself.

Yoga Lunch Tomorrow – Coping With Work Stress


From the TIIH Website:

Using Creativity Inspired by Yoga to Cope with Work Stress 

The artist is deep inside each and every one of us, waiting to come out. Yoga is an amazing tool for creating a safe place where our gifts can emerge and develop. Join Bonnie for this creative workshop as she guides us in using yoga to open up and sense and move pranic energy toward enhancing our innate creativity. Through meditation, asanas, toning and writing, this workshop will open and clear any barriers to a more balanced and inspired artistic life.


Bonnie Tarantino, MFA, E-RYT

Bonnie has worked for the University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine for more than 10 years as director of yoga programs. She started practicing yoga at age 18 and has studied in the Sivananda Yoga, Prana Yoga and Thai Yoga traditions. Bonnie blends yoga with reiki and has been a practicing Usui and Karuna Reiki master for more than 15 years. This past year, she took a group of 14 health care professionals to India to study Karuna Reiki, yoga and agnihotra. Bonnie has trained hundreds of heath care professional in reiki and yoga and has published research revealing the importance of training health care professionals in self-care using integrative tools. Prior to working for CIM, Bonnie owned and operated her own yoga and wellness studio in Storrs, CT. Bonnie has been a member of the Yoga Alliance since its inception in 1999.


Be Free Floating: An Isolation Tank Wellness Center in West Baltimore



The Samadhi isolation tank at Be Free Floating

Courtesy Greenmount Avenue — “For my part, when I enter most intimately into what I call myself, I always stumble on some particular perception or other, of heat or cold, light or shade, love or hatred, pain or pleasure. I never catch myself at any time without a perception, and never can observe anything but the perception.”–David Hume, Treatise of Human Nature, 1739.

Planning to open July 4th, Be Free Floating is a new wellness destination in West Baltimore. Practitioners Twig Harper and Carly Ptak offer isolation tank services in a spa-like atmosphere at $50 an hour. They answered my questions about using isolation tanks and walked me through my first “float.”

The MAC Celebrates National Fitness and Sports Month



catch of the day fish (2)So, apparently, May is National Physical Fitness & Sports Month, and has been for some time. Somehow that got past us until this year. But it is fitting, since May is basically the last possible month to spend hitting the gym (or yoga studio, or running route, or Richard Simmons DVD) before beach season. Doing their part to help us observe National Physical Fitness & Sports Month is the MAC (Maryland Athletic Club & Wellness Center), which will open the doors at all of its locations to the public this month, issuing seven-day passes and hosting several community classes free of charge.

An Evening of Practical Infinity with Darrell Forbes


Medicine Without Form

catch of the day fish (2)“Why do we have bodies? What are they for? Does every part have a purpose? What does it mean to have arms, legs, heads, hearts? How can I inhabit my body fully, with real heart and with real juice? How do I bring out the power of my body (I know it’s there) in service to my community and my planet?” Talk about asking the big questions! These are just some of those that local acupuncturist Darrell Forbes will be asking (and helping answer) in the class he’s offering this weekend, titled An Evening of Practical Infinity.

Baltimore Yoga Village and The Ivy Co-Sponsor Wellness Event



Join the author of The Last Best Cure, Donna Jackson Nakazawa, and three remarkable teachers tomorrow night, March 26 from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., as they demonstrate mindfulness meditation, mindful movement and yogic breath techniques as featured in The Last Best Cure.

The event, sponsored by Baltimore Yoga Village and The Ivy Bookshop, will also include a reading, book signing and question and answer session with Nakazawa.  It all takes place at the Baltimore Yoga Village, in the Lake Falls Village shopping center, where the Ivy Bookshaop is also located.

Eat-Pure-Thrive by Soul Body


Eat-Pure-Thrive by Soul Body in Baltimore

You know, “the glow.” Maybe you even have it yourself. It’s that trademark,  je ne sais quoi (pardon our French) unique to those who actually live the old saying “your body is a temple.” These folks manage to carve out the time to soak and sprout their almonds before consuming, and have genuinely acquired a taste for chia seeds. They can be the more difficult guests to accommodate at a dinner party. And yet, we want to be them. Or at least, we want that glow.

A good start might be the weekly workshop series offered this month by Soul Body, a health and fitness outfit founded by Ann Marie Barbour and Stacey Vandiver. Soul Body operates out of two separate locations and offers regular classes in Pilates, barre (as in ballet), and yoga. This month, however, you can attend Soul Body’s Eat-Pure-Thrive series, which introduces basic techniques for optimal health and nutrition in four distinct classes: Smoothies 101, Raw 101, Energy Treats 101 & Kids Meals 101. As the “101” indicates, emphasis is on, “an honest & easy approach to making real foods into meals that taste good.” The series (read: your first official chance to get the glow) begins Tuesday, October 2nd. Drop in, or register for all four.

Eat-Pure-Thrive Workshops take place October 2, 9, 16 & 23 from 11am-Noon. Workshops are held at Bare Hills Racquet and Fitness Club. Classes are $20 each, or $60 for all four. Visit www.soulbodyonline.com for more information.

UM Wellness Conference: Saying “Ahh” Combines with Saying “Om”



Sponsored post – Looking for ways to feel better physically and mentally? Believe there’s more to health and happiness than popping prescriptions and devouring pints of ice cream? The University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine Health and Wellness Conference at the Baltimore Hilton Saturday, April 14, provides workshops on a wide range of topics that all address a common theme: multiple factors, from the food we eat to the stress in our lives to the way we recharge our bodies’ batteries, affects our overall well-being.

Andrew Weil, M.D., pictured above and author of the bestseller Spontaneous Happiness, will deliver the keynote address. Dr. Weil’s philosophy, as represented in his book, combines Eastern and Western practices to create a model for living that incorporates walking, breathing, community interaction, nutrition, and supplements to, as he says, “achieve balance and serenity.”