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Celebrate Fall with Liza Byrd This Weekend in Stevenson Village


Celebrate Fall this weekend with Liza Byrd at the Fall Festival at Stevenson Village.  Fantastic items added for fall in store and on line.  

Preview party Friday night, and shopping on Saturday, October 19th during the Fall Festival at The Shops in Stevenson Village.

Live music, food, shopping and fun for the whole family!


Going, Going, Gown: JLB’s Annual Better Dress Sale


Better Dress Sale

Proms, brunches, the races, and weddings, weddings, weddings. For us, anyway, the warm months ahead always bring with them more than their share of social occasions. And now that we can finally put away our coats and wool tights (and whatever—if it gets cold again, we’ll just suffer), we are out-of-control ready to start showing off our warm weather wardrobe. By that, we mean that we’re working really hard put together a whole new one for this year. And with events like the Junior League of Baltimore’s annual Better Dress Sale (going on this weekend), really, what’s to stop us?

New Year, New Wardrobe Sale at Urban Chic



catch of the day fish (2)How many times have we each uttered the line, Ugh. I need a new wardrobe? Probably enough times to know that it can be a tall order. After all, a new accessory or pair of jeans, or top-that-goes-with-anything can certainly help for a minute, but realistically, it’s not going to revamp the whole collection. And yet, what if a total revamp was achievable? And right on schedule with the new year? And a professional stylist would help you through it? And not only that, but they’d pour you a glass of champagne to help take the edge off all those trips to the dressing room. Who has cooked up such an enticing plan? Urban Chic Boutique with their New Year, New Wardrobe Sale, going on through the 13th.

Pre-Spring Arrivals and Pre-Inventory Sale at Party Dress Boutique, Fells Point


Party Dress Boutique

catch of the day fish (2)It does seem rather premature to be getting excited about spring. After all, we’re just barely entering January. It’s got to get worse before it gets better. We haven’t even had Groundhog Day yet. So for all we know, this winter is going to be a long one. But walk into any gas station or grocery store candy aisle and what has suddenly appeared? Cadbury eggs. En masse. They say that global warming is messing with bird migration schedules. Maybe it’s effecting seasonal candy suppliers’ internal calendars as well. But in any event, if you want a small way to remind yourself that spring will eventually come, you might do well to swing by Party Dress Boutique and check out their new pre-spring arrivals.

An Inside Look at Ellie Boutique in Ruxton


Walking into Ellie, the first overwhelming sensation one has is, wow—this is fun. The second is whoa—where do I start? The Ruxton boutique offers such a great variety of clothing, accessories, and gifts that unless you came in looking for something specific, you’re likely to find yourself heading for the dressing room with a pile of clothing so high that you can’t see over it.

Clothing by Red Prairie Press


Red Prairie Press Baltimore

We’re happy to report that we made good on last week’s promise to shop ‘til we drop at all of the weekend holiday craft shows. And judging by the  crowds we often had to wade through to get to the goods, it seems many others had the same idea. Nothing like a fabulous (and well-organized and well-attended) craft show to renew one’s Baltimore pride. So many talented and entrepreneurial artisans right here in our own backyard? And a community that supports them and makes this a great city for artists and small-business owners to set up shop in? Yes! This is home!

Some work we just loved this weekend was Red Prairie Press. Red Prairie designs and prints lovely images on clothing all from the comfort of a Charles Village row home. The work includes everything from silly/charming onesies for babies to really lovely scarves and cardigans. The images all seem so simple, yet genuinely interesting–whether it’s a cartoonish pirate on a onesie or elegant silhouettes of lotuses on an A-line skirt.  Each piece truly looks like it was carefully considered and made with an artist’s discerning eye. Look for Red Prairie goods at more upcoming craft shows, in local shops, and of course, online.

Red Prairie Press items can be found for sale at Trohv, Double Dutch, the BMA, and other local shops. You can also shop online (and find out about other upcoming shows) at www.redprairiepress.com.

Sophisticated and Local JG Sassy Keeps “It” in Baltimore

Francis James, Kearny Dietrich and Paul James

It all started with the quest for the perfect pant. And though many of us have been on this quest ourselves, and know how difficult it can be, few of us would go so far as to start our own design company and clothing line in order to make the perfect pant manifest. But this is exactly what Kearny Dietrich did, and it’s how the JG Sassy line was born.

ABS Trunk Show at Fresh! Boutique… right now


ABS Trunk Show of Holiday Dresses Baltimore

Anyone not doing anything right now? If that’s you, throw on your what-I-wear-when-I-know-I’m-going-to-be-trying-on-clothes clothes and run right out the door to the trunk show happening at Fresh! Boutique. Fresh! Boutique, (which might ring a bell as the winner of the “Best of Baltimore” spot for buying party dresses) is hosting (today) a trunk show with the ABS line from Allen Schwartz.  The line features a variety of dresses that run the gamut from day to cocktail style to evening wear—and they’re all perfect for the holiday season.

And in keeping with today’s themes of “Happening Right Now” and “Instant Gratification,” anything you buy at the trunk show you get to take home with you that day (er… today). No ordering, no waiting, no weeks of longing pouts directed at the UPS guy (unless of course you’re into that kind of thing). Any dress you try on today, you can go home with. Which means you could wear it out this weekend, or to meet the parents at Thanksgiving. Stop by any time today before 7pm for refreshments, door prizes, and a 10% discount on any dress purchased.

The ABS trunk show takes place today, November 15th from 12pm-7pm at Fresh! Boutique. Fresh! Boutique is located in Green Spring Station at 10749 Falls Road in Lutherville.

Alice Jane Grand Opening


“A woman is closest to being naked when she is well-dressed.” That’s Coco Chanel speaking. We’re not saying that naked is the ideal state for women to be in. Though surely some readers would argue that, it’s undeniably difficult to pilot a space shuttle, discover radium, or serve as Secretary of State without wearing at least something. But if nudity is an ideal because it represents total comfort and being at home in our bodies without constant fidgeting or adjusting or smoothing, then perhaps Chanel was onto something. If we can find clothes that are simple, comfortable, and elegant enough that we don’t have to think twice once we walk out the door—isn’t that what we’re striving for?

If so, mark your calendar for this Friday, when the new Alice Jane store opens in Baltimore. Since 2009, Alice Jane has specialized in classic and affordable fashion—beginning with unique jewelry and accessories, and now offering full “head to toe” fashion for woman and men. Much of the stuff at Alice Jane has a sort of “Boho chic” thing going on. That means that besides being classic, pretty, and feminine, the clothing is also highly wearable, comfortable, and perfect for fall layering.

The grand opening of Alice Jane takes place this Friday, November 9thfrom Noon-6pm. The shop is located at 1407 Clarkview Road, Suite 500 in Baltimore.

JG Sassy Fashion Show at Jewels


JG Sassy fashion show in Baltimore

It’s just so cool when things that are made locally are actually cool. Does that sentence make us sound about as articulate as an adolescent girl trying to display her uber-sophisticated taste to her way-past-acne-phase crush? Maybe. But sometimes that’s just how you feel. It’s certainly how we felt upon learning about the new JG Sassy line being carried at Kearney Dietrich’s fabulous boutique, Jewels.  JG Sassy is locally owned and made (hurrah for being able to get behind a line of clothing not made in sweatshops or overseas), and the line has its runway debut this Thursday (that’s tomorrow) at Jewels.