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June Workshops at the Creative Alliance


CA June

catch of the day fish (2)Summer is almost upon us. And though adults don’t get the kind of three month summer vacay that kids do, summer does tend to bring with it at least a vacationy feeling. It’s a time to dig into projects, try something new, and try to at least tap into that youthful self-improvement drive. Whether it’s planting a garden, taking up a musical instrument, or working on your backstroke, summer is a great time to get into something new and potentially fruitful. All this is made even easier by the plentiful workshops being offered by the (air conditioned) Creative Alliance next month. We’re letting you know now since there’s a good chance these will fill up and sell out. And many of them are events you just don’t want to miss.

An Evening of Practical Infinity with Darrell Forbes


Medicine Without Form

catch of the day fish (2)“Why do we have bodies? What are they for? Does every part have a purpose? What does it mean to have arms, legs, heads, hearts? How can I inhabit my body fully, with real heart and with real juice? How do I bring out the power of my body (I know it’s there) in service to my community and my planet?” Talk about asking the big questions! These are just some of those that local acupuncturist Darrell Forbes will be asking (and helping answer) in the class he’s offering this weekend, titled An Evening of Practical Infinity.

Introduction to Screenprinting at Baltimore Print Studios



catch of the day fish (2)You know how sometimes you’ll be chatting with a friend and then either you or them comes out with a clever little bon mot? This, of course, is usually followed by “Oh my God, that should totally be on a T-Shirt” or “Oh my God, that so needs to be a bumper sticker.” Well, imagine following that sentiment to its logical (but fun, tasteful, and DIY) conclusions. Where does it lead you? The first stop could be an introduction to screenprinting workshop at Baltimore Print Studios.

Flying into the New Year with In-Flight Theater


In-Flight Theater

catch of the day fish (2)Human beings do not have wings or feathers or hollow bones. Just thought we’d put that out there in case you hadn’t noticed. And yet, flying has fascinated our species since basically forever. Flight fantasies have driven everyone from Putin to the Wright brothers to Leonardo Da Vinci to that crazy guy who just did that stunt a couple of months ago. We often have dreams (like, literal sleepy-time dreams) of flight and wake feeling both exhilarated and disappointed that in reality we remain put upon by gravity. But you can take one small step toward being airborne with In-Flight Theater’s aerial workshops—which will go great with a “get in shape” New Years resolution.

Mixology Workshop with Woodberry Kitchen’s Corey Polyoka


Mixology Workshop at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.  A grasshopper walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Hey, we’ve got a drink named after you.” The grasshopper says, “Really? You’ve got a drink named Lenny?” [insert rim shot here]. But in all seriousness,  the invention of the perfect cocktail is no mean feat. There’s a reason we’ll travel the extra distance for the bartender (sorry, mixologist) who knows how to muddle the mint leaves just right, or where they infuse the vodka in house with single-source cocoa or local cucumber. When a drink is made just right, it’s the sort of thing you can linger over and enjoy for as long as the company and conversation will allow. And the better the drink, the more likely the company and conversation will stay for another. Want to be able to work this magic yourself? Walk right in to Clementine at the Creative Alliance for a mixology workshop.

Studio 33 Art Center’s Open Studio Tour


School 33 Open Studio Tour in Baltimore

Samuel Johnson, the creator of the 1755 Dictionary of the English Language defined a patron as “one who looks with unconcern on a man struggling for life in the water, and, when he has reached ground, encumbers him with help.” Sure, that’s not what he wrote in the dictionary itself; the quote was more likely coined around the dinner table while Johnson held forth to guests. Regardless, it’s an instructive bit of wit for those of us who fancy ourselves appreciators, collectors, or (dare we say) patrons of the arts. That is to say, a great place to take your inner-art-patron out for a walk might be School 33 Art Center’s Open Studio Tour this weekend.

It’s a chance to tour local galleries and studios, and meet and talk with the artists themselves. So many artists rarely open up all at once, which makes this a particularly rich and special opportunity.  This behind-the-scenes glimpse into so many artists’ different processes may serve to inspire young or beginning artists, and excite art lovers and collectors. School 33 Art Center’s Open Studio Tour is an annual city-wide event that has been going on for the last twenty years.  There are so many artists and galleries participating, you can likely find artists in your own neighborhood, or take the opportunity to hop around the city soaking it all up.

School 33’s Open Studio Tour takes place this Saturday and Sunday (October 20 & 21) from 10am-6pm. For details on participating artists, visit www.school33.org.

The Creative Alliance’s Art to Dine For Series


The Creative Alliance's Art to Dine For series in Baltimore

When we first heard about the Creative Alliance’s “Art to Dine For” series, we thought it sounded pretty cool. Artists + their art + an intimate setting + gourmet food and good wine = Why not? Right? So we decided to check it out and scope the CA’s website. That’s when we started actually doing those kind of triple-takes and eyes-popping-out-of-head moves that you only see in Tex Avery cartoons. Why? The sheer number, variety, and quality of events taking place as part of this series could give you whiplash. It could actually overwhelm and cause a meltdown to your culture-intake-o-meter.

Take this week, for example. This week alone there are five (five!) different Art to Dine For soirees. Each takes place in an intimate setting, such as someone’s home (meaning that reservations are a must, since the events sell out quickly). Each features an artist at the top of their field, such as political cartoonist Kevin ”KAL” Kallaugher, or singer-songwriter Marion Stanley. The evenings often feature apropos discussions or workshops (learn to make your own political cartoons!) , accompanied by gourmet food and wine that is specific (of course) to each event. Keep in mind, however, that these events are like pumpkins—seemingly abundant now, but that’s because it’s their season. Take advantage before they disappear until next year.

To learn about specific Art to Dine For events and to make reservations, visit http://www.creativealliance.org. Events vary in terms of time, location and cost.

Eat-Pure-Thrive by Soul Body


Eat-Pure-Thrive by Soul Body in Baltimore

You know, “the glow.” Maybe you even have it yourself. It’s that trademark,  je ne sais quoi (pardon our French) unique to those who actually live the old saying “your body is a temple.” These folks manage to carve out the time to soak and sprout their almonds before consuming, and have genuinely acquired a taste for chia seeds. They can be the more difficult guests to accommodate at a dinner party. And yet, we want to be them. Or at least, we want that glow.

A good start might be the weekly workshop series offered this month by Soul Body, a health and fitness outfit founded by Ann Marie Barbour and Stacey Vandiver. Soul Body operates out of two separate locations and offers regular classes in Pilates, barre (as in ballet), and yoga. This month, however, you can attend Soul Body’s Eat-Pure-Thrive series, which introduces basic techniques for optimal health and nutrition in four distinct classes: Smoothies 101, Raw 101, Energy Treats 101 & Kids Meals 101. As the “101” indicates, emphasis is on, “an honest & easy approach to making real foods into meals that taste good.” The series (read: your first official chance to get the glow) begins Tuesday, October 2nd. Drop in, or register for all four.

Eat-Pure-Thrive Workshops take place October 2, 9, 16 & 23 from 11am-Noon. Workshops are held at Bare Hills Racquet and Fitness Club. Classes are $20 each, or $60 for all four. Visit www.soulbodyonline.com for more information.