Tagalong Time at the Irvine Nature Center

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catch of the day fish (2)You know that occasional occurrence when suddenly, in the middle of winter, you see an insect? And then you realize that you haven’t seen one in a really long time? Because bugs just kind of disappear once it get cold and then seem to hitch a ride with the first robin of spring and show up once it’s nice out again? It’s odd, how we can just forget all about bugs for months at a time. Kind of sad, really. Now, the message here is not “Embrace the Bugs!” No. But for young children, bugs are often one of nature’s most fascinating creations. They’re complex, scary, other-worldy, and also, smaller than them. They can be kept in mayonnaise jars and examined, and then let go with little emotional anguish. If your kid has any of the nature explorer in them, but you don’t personally feel up to going bug hunting in winter, why not sign up for the Irvine Nature Center’s Tagalong Series?

Irvine Nature Center in Owings Mills offers a dizzying number of activities each week. They’ve got stuff for toddlers, older children, and even adults (“Bees & Brewskis” anyone?). This winter, they’re offering three 3-week sessions (that means you can pick which session works for you) of morning nature walks. The first one starts tomorrow, January 9th.  Each week there’ll be a nature walk that looks at the changing seasons, an arts and crafts activity, and live animal encounters. These activities are aimed at children ages 2-3 accompanied by “their favorite adult.” Good luck competing for that role.

For exact dates and times for each Tagalong session, visit www.explorenature.org.

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