Take a Vow (or Bow Wow) with Your Pet for Valentine’s Day

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This Valentine’s Day, step right up to the BowWow Meow Chapel Of Love. No, it’s not as perverse as it sounds. Sponsored by the Baltimore Humane Society, the BowWow Meow Chapel of Love is a place for Baltimore pet owners to show their love for their pets by participating in a Forever Friendship Ceremony. Yes, that’s right. Taking a vow with your pet. Each “couple” will participate in a fully officiated individual friendship ceremony on this traditional day of love. Not your usual Valentine’s Day fare, to be sure. But on the other hand, your dog’s love will probably last a little longer than that guy you met last month online. So  why not give that relationship its due?At the chapel, officiant, Cantor Ellen Schwab, will perform a personal ceremony every fifteen minutes during open hours.  Vow takers will sign and receive a Forever Friendship certificate and a 4”x6” Valentine photo that they can take home after the ceremony.  Hopefully one of the vow-takers won’t eat it. There is a $15 fee to participate, with proceeds going to the care of the homeless animals at Baltimore Humane Society’s no-kill shelter. Pet-only ceremonies (without the owners) will also be held for furry friends who are best buds.“We don’t think pet owners could possibly have more fun on this traditional day of love while showing their commitment to their furry friends,” says Wendy Goldband, Baltimore Humane Society Director or Marketing & Public Relations.  “And what makes it even more special is that they’re also helping animals who have not been as fortunate.” How many weddings can say that?

The BowWow Meow Chapel of Love Hours are 12pm -3pm on Saturday, February 14th. The chapel is located at the Baltimore Humane Society Administration Building, 1601 Nicodemus Road, in Reisterstown. To reserve a ceremony time, email [email protected] or call 410-833-8848 ext. 202.

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