Taking in the BMA

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catch of the day fish (2)All week, Baltimoreans have banded together. Organizations have created safe spaces for our children who were not in school, artists have provided free concerts and events, and restaurants have opened their doors providing complimentary meals as a show of support in a difficult time for our city. There’s so much amazing grass roots and word-of-mouth organizing going on right now. And at the same time, some of our most well-established institutions have also made themselves felt as a presence this week.

The Baltimore Museum of Art is one of those that you can almost take for granted. It’s free every single day. And everyday, it’s a place you can go to find inspiration and quiet, for some contemplation and a look at some of the remarkable things humans are capable of. Their African and Asian galleries are newly reopened, so it’s a particularly great time to visit and take in the diversity of work on display–an apt reflection of the diversity and strength of our town.

The BMA is open today at 10a.m. For more information, visit www.artbma.org.

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