Talk and Tour at Boys’ Latin: Discover What’s Best for Boys Education on May 15, 17 & 22

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Looking for the best school for your son? Extensive research shows that boys learn best through hands-on learning that appeals to different senses, involves action and movement and produces tangible outcomes. According to Boys’ Latin Headmaster Christopher J. Post, the best way to empower boys both inside and outside the classroom is to engage them in learning experiences that embrace their unique strengths, build confidence and support their growth as persons.

Post says there are a wide variety of ways that Boys’ Latin positions boys for success, including:

  • Showing practical applications. Boys appreciate seeing application of information to their lives. Boys want to know the “why” behind lessons, not just the “how.”
  • Embracing competition as a learning tool. Boys are innately competitive, and there’s no better way to teach about the values of humility, respect and teamwork. Teaching these valuable life lessons can help to ensure that boys are ready for the collaboration and connectedness of the 21st century.
  • Connecting action to empathy. By helping boys adopt a broader view of manhood and expanding the definition of masculinity to one that prioritizes duty and service to others, we can help boys to lead more fulfilling social, emotional and academic lives.Honoring how boys think and learn begins with building a community and atmosphere where they can thrive. At Boys’ Latin’s upcoming Spring Talk and Tour events, prospective families will have the chance to learn more about the school’s boy-friendly learning strategies, small class sizes and expansive co-curricular enrichment activities. Families will also have a chance to tour the campus, meet division heads and ask questions.

    Learn more by visiting: or emailing: [email protected]. Families interested in middle school are invited to attend on May 15 and families interested in lower school are invited to attend on either May 17 or May 22. Each event is held from 8:30 am – 10 am.

    To register, click here.

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