Maryland Tax Free Week 2013 Begins Sunday

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Tax Free Week

catch of the day fish (2)The only two certainties, we all know, are death and taxes…Or are they? Not from August 11-17, they’re not! With the economy and all, most states now have one or two tax free weeks each year, when consumers (that’s us) get to shop ‘til we drop without having to fork over a percentage to Uncle Sam. And Maryland’s choice of August 11-17 comes at a pretty good time. Like it or not, it’s time to get thinking about back-to-school, fall wardrobes, and the eventual change in the weather. But you can ease the pain by shopping this week and enjoying that built-in sale on clothing and shoes priced at $100 or less.

Besides the tax break on clothes and shoes, there will also be a three-day weekend tax break on all Energy Star appliances—that is, appliances that meet the government’s standard of energy efficiency. If that sounds strict, just head to your local appliance dealer and you’ll notice that it’s actually hard to find a new fridge or stove or washing machine these days that doesn’t have the Energy Star seal of approval. So sure, it’s only one week, but hey, maybe it means we’re even on our way to conquering that other universal certainty, too.

Tax Free Week in Maryland runs from August 11-17. For details on what is and isn’t exempt, visit the website of the State Comptroller.

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