What Taxes Could Baltimore City Do Without?

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Mayor Announces Baltimore Tax Polcy Study Focus Group
Video still via nextcity.org

At first glance, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s announcement today of a “Baltimore Tax Policy Study Focus Group” to study whether there is room in the city’s tax structure for cuts, might look like a response to the upset gubernatorial win of Republican Larry Hogan. But the mayor had unveiled her basic tax-reform plan last year, long before Hogan rode a wave of anti-tax sentiment (and Democratic apathy) all the way to the Government House. This move has more to do with Rawlings-Blake’s goal of attracting 10,000 new families to the city by 2023.

According to the Baltimore Business Journal, the 20-person group is filled with representatives from “representatives from the business community, the legal community, neighborhood leaders and community organizers.” They are going to try to determine how Baltimore’s taxes and fees affect businesses and families, examining other cities as case studies.

Since taking office four years ago, Rawlings-Blake has implement taxes on bottles, taxis, and billboards to deal with the city’s $120 million deficit and flagging bond rating.


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  1. Does this mean the mayor will be further marginalizing lower income homeowners by not lowering property taxes?
    I do agree that many people moving into Baltimore are either better educated, more affluent or pump more energy into the city. But that idea has to be tempered in a way to encourage those already living in the city to participate in positive change, to help lower crime and be more engaged for a better city.

  2. Good news….how about the ridiculous rain tax that the whole country is
    laughing at for a start ???? My condo fee was raised to support that

    • It’s inaccurately called a “rain tax,” and the whole country is not laughing at us. Many other states imposed this sensible clean-water-sustaining tax long ago. Maryland is only now catching up.

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