Tea, anyone?

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Stone Mill Bakery Tea Service

As children, the stories we read, and the movies we watch fill us with ideas of things that we will encounter in our adult lives. Cartoons lead us to believe that quicksand is a common obstacle one might come across in the day-to-day. Fairy-tales would have us believe that tempting and delicious treats are most often traps set by those wishing to do us harm. We grow up expecting to live lives full of anvils (who encounters anvils on a regular basis besides the town blacksmith), TNT, and all manner of potions. Potions to make us get bigger or smaller, or to make us sleepy or invincible.

Some of these things are simply not going to happen. Sorry. But one childhood dream that can be achieved is that of hosting (or attending) a perfectly proper tea party. And thanks to Stone Mill Bakery, you can host or attend said fantasy affair with minimal effort on your part—just like the storybooks would have you believe! Stone Mill Bakery, whose trademark goods include slow-fermented breads and homemade marshmallows, offers a catering service specifically for tea parties. And it’s not High Tea, they assure us. Stone Mill’s service is perfect for, as they put it,  “an unforgettably whimsical wedding shower for a beloved bride-to-be or a miniature but magical soiree with your girlfriends just because.”  Afternoon tea traditionally calls for prim and proper etiquette, scones, finger foods like mini sandwiches, and desserts. We’ll let you decide how proper you want the etiquette to be, and you can let Stone Mill do the rest.

Stone Mill Bakery is located at 10751 Falls Rd., Lutherville. You can find out more about their Tea Party service at www.stonemillbakery.com

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