Teenagers Go Medieval on Man in Patterson Park

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Medieval flail
An example of a medieval flail. Photo by Tim Bartel.

According to a report from the victim, at about 8 p.m. on Thursday night a teenager wielding — of all things — a medieval “ball and chain” attacked a 41-year-old man sitting in Patterson Park.

A group of four juveniles allegedly repeatedly shouted “Give me your cell phone” while one of them attacked the man with the medieval weapon, the irony of which was likely lost on all parties involved. Are the kids trying to pass themselves off as time traveling thugs desperate for 21st-century technology? Probably not. But it would be nice if the unusual choice of weapon aided police in finding the assailant.

The man suffered a puncture wound from the attack and kept his cellphone after chasing the kids away.

[H/t Baltimore Sun]

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