Baltimore-Based Terra’s Kitchen Launches East Coast Meal Subscription Delivery

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Terra's Kitchen teriyaki chicken dinner
Terra’s Kitchen teriyaki chicken dinner

Meal subscription boxes are all the rage. Starting March 7, with the East Coast launch of Terra’s Kitchen, Baltimore has its very own locally-based meal subscription company.

For both culinary experts and kitchen novices, there’s a lot to love about subscription boxes like Terra’s Kitchen. They cut down on waste, save time, and help keep dinnertime interesting. For Baltimoreans, the fact that Terra’s Kitchen is headquartered in Canton adds an extra dose of hometown charm.

Terra’s Kitchen boxes include the ingredients – already prepped – for seasonally-driven meals that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less. The recipes, designed by chefs, are laid out with clear, step-by-step instructions delivered, along with the ingredients, to subscribers’ homes in eco-friendly packaging.

Because they make cooking dinner at home easier, meal subscriptions encourage families to sit down and eat together. This ritual, which has all sorts of well-documented benefits, is part of Terra’s Kitchen’s core mission. And it’s one that’s driven in part by the company’s Baltimore location.

“Baltimore is a very family-oriented town,” says Terra’s Kitchen CEO Michael McDevitt, explaining that the emphasis the city places on family and community fits neatly with the company’s goal to get families and friends to connect over meals.

“With Terra’s Kitchen, we’re about strengthening and tightening community – around the table and the communities we live in,” he explains.

In the future, Baltimore customers might also see some familiar names pop up in their Terra’s Kitchen boxes, says McDevitt. The company has had conversations with multiple popular local food makers and hopes to find a way to feature their goods in the boxes.

“We’ve talked with a couple innovative Baltimore companies and are trying to find a way to incorporate their products in our offerings,” he says. “Like the folks at Woodberry Kitchen – how we can incorporate their Snake Oil [hot sauce]. Zeke’s Coffee, Ceremony Roasters, Union Brewing – these are all companies we’re talking to and people we’d love to showcase.”

Products from any of those companies – and a whole host of other Baltimore-based food brands – would be worthy additions to Terra’s Kitchen meals, whether they land in Baltimore or on tables all over the country.

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