Tesla May Soon Be Able to Sell Electric Cars in Maryland

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Tesla Motors
Tesla Roadsters parked at corporate headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif. Photo by Steve Jurvetson

Tesla Motors has one showroom in the state, but you can’t buy one of its all-electric cars there. You can’t even talk about price. That’s because of a state law that bars car manufacturers selling directly to consumers, a measure intended to protect dealerships.

But the Maryland Automobile Dealers Association appears willing to bend the rules in such a way that would allow Tesla (and pretty much only Tesla) to be licensed as a dealer, meaning soon those product specialists at the Tesla showroom in Bethesda may be able to actually give you the hard sell.

Del. Kirill Reznik introduced the bill in the General Assembly that would allow Marylanders to pay an ungodly amount of money for a car (the sticker on one model is $131,000) without going online or to D.C. to do it.

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