Thanksgiving Ice Cream Pies from The Charmery

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Charmery Pie

catch of the day fish (2)Sure, a few days ago we said we wouldn’t trust our Thanksgiving dessert table to anyone by Dangerously Delicious Pies. And we still stand by that…kind of. But how were we to know that our top fave locavore ice cream shop, The Charmery, was offering their own version of a Thanksgiving pie delight? What began with us investigating their ice cream offerings in preparation for serving our own pies a la mode quickly spun out of control as we discovered The Charmery’s Thanksgiving special: a pie made from spiced pumpkin ice cream with a salty caramel topping and graham cracker crust. Can we possibly resist?Whether or not you spring for the ice cream pie, you would do well to stock up on a few pints from The Charmery pre-Thanksgving. Everyone knows that pie is at its best when accompanied by ice cream, and The Charmery specializes in seasonal flavors that will compliment your fall menu perfectly. Plus, if you’re heading out of town for T-Day, you can impress your out-of-town hosts with Baltimore-centric flavors like Berger Cookies and Cream and Old Bay Caramel. Or, why not throw a scoop of either on top of the pumpkin ice cream pie itself? After all, too much of a good thing isn’t just wonderful– it’s delicious.

The Charmery is located at 801 W. 36th Street in Baltimore. Thanksgiving pies must be ordered by Monday, November 24th. For more information, visit

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