Bart Scott Once Hid in a Bathroom to Sign with the Ravens

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Photo by Keith Allison
Photo by Keith Allison

Coming off a (marginally) rejuvenating win against the Cleveland Browns, Ravens fans can further bask in the afterglow with this ridiculous story recently told by former Ravens linebacker Bart Scott.

“I signed my second contract with the Baltimore Ravens inside the Cleveland Browns facility,” Scott told Bleacher Report on Thursday. “I went into the bathroom. [The Ravens] say, “Get the hell out of there. We’ll give you a deal.” I say, “Thank you, Jesus.”

The interviewers were incredulous at first.

“I’m dead serious,” Scott said. “I was visiting the Browns. Ozzie [Newsome] called me up. He was like, ‘Where you at?’ And my agent was like, ‘They better fly his family down to Baltimore to make a decision.’ Ozzie was like, ‘Man, can you get out of there?’ I was like, ‘Hells yeah.'”

“So, I hid in the bathroom. Ozzie agreed. Agent’s like, ‘We good to go.’ I said, ‘Thank you guys very much. Thank y’all for coming out. God bless. Good night.” Scott said.

Here’s video of the interview:

According to Baltimore Beatdown, Scott took a three-year, 13.5 million contract extension with the Ravens over “a five-year deal, likely for a lot more money,” with the Browns.

After three more seasons with the Ravens, Scott finished his NFL career with the New York Jets.


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