The 6th Annual PEEPshow

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catch of the day fish (2)The words “peepshow” and “family fun” don’t generally go hand in hand. At least not in the type of household we grew up in. But hey, it’s only once a year, right? And we should probably mention that the only things you and your family will be peeping,–should you attend–are in fact Peeps. As in, the ubiquitous Easter treats shaped like chicks, bunnies, and eggs (is it fair to call them treats if most people we know actually avoid having to eat them?).  Opening today is the 6th annual PEEPshow, where you can see hundreds of wacky marshmallow masterpieces (yes, masterpieces– see the above photo of last year’s Grand Prize winner) created by local artists, families, business, and community groups.

Unlike most peepshows, admission is free, and you can cast your vote for  your favorite Peeps creation. Peeps themed souvenirs and refreshments will be on sale throughout the show, and some pieces will even be available for purchase (art collectors, take note). All proceeds from refreshment and vote sales benefit the Carroll County Arts Council, whom you’ll want to support, of course, so that they can continue bringing such high-class cultural affairs to our community year round.

The 6th Annual PEEPshow takes place March 28 – April 7 and is open from10:00am – 7:00pm every day during that time. For more information (and amazing pictures!), visit

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