The Barn Sale: Everything 50% Off After 12:00 Noon Today!

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Even in the pouring rain, hundreds showed up to find treasures at the Halcyon Farm Barn Sale, and oh, were there treasures to be found! Designer fabric, rare silver & china, antique daybeds, tables, chairs, rugs, rattan and wicker furniture and more filled two stories of the barn.  There are still plenty of gorgeous finds, and today they will be available for a steal. Head to the Barn Sale after 12:00 noon today for half-off most everything!

Here are the rules again:

  1. All of the volunteers will be wearing blue T-shirts and khaki pants, including Stiles!
  2. It’s cash and charge only. We have those Squares, and the wifi at the barn isn’t great, so be patient when you check out.
  3. Everything is AS IS! No givebacks!
  4. We will love you forever (or at least for the weekend) if you bring your own bags and packing materials. 
  5. We don’t have any bathrooms! It’s a barn. 
  6. We have people who can deliver your stuff – especially the huge items, but you have to make arrangements with them yourself.

The sale ends at 3:00 today, so head over right away.


For more information about the Barn Sale visit The Barn Sale at Halcyon Farm on Facebook and see our June 14 story, here







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