The BSO Announces its 2014-15 Season

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BSO 2014

catch of the day fish (2)Bum-bah-duh-bum-bum-bum-bummmm! Or how about Da-da-da-dahhhh Da-da-da-dahhhh! Okay, so no one ever said that classical instrumental music translates well to being crudely transcribed into onomatopoeic syllables, but how else are we supposed to convey the resonance, the booming, the swells of sound that seem almost able to scoop you out of your chair, they’re so powerful? Better to let the work speak for itself, we think. And luckily, Marin Alsop and the BSO have just announced the season for this coming year. It’s chock full of work by the usual classic suspects as well as work by some of the finest living contemporary composers.

This year’s selections focus on themes of spirituality and transcendence. After all, issues of faith, beliefs and values have inspired some of the most awe-inspiring and uplifting music over the ages — from Mozart’s late 18th century “Great” Mass and the early 19th century humanism of Beethoven, to Mahler’s great symphonic outpourings and Bernstein’s own music wrestling with “the 20th century’s crisis of faith,” to new perspectives from contemporary composers, Jennifer Higdon and Christopher Rouse. The selections, says Alsop, “capture the transformational power of music and aspire to offer a transcendental connection for people beyond their own worlds.” Pretty hard to turn that down, if you ask us.

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