The Charmery is Open! And not a minute too soon…

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catch of the day fish (2)It’s only been a few years since Sylvan Beach (now Taharka Brothers) closed their ice cream shop in Mount Vernon. But those few summers without our favorite locally-made ice cream shop have been long and hot—made livable only by the consolation sweetness of snowballs. So when I heard that a new ice cream shop would be taking the place of the old pharmacy on the corner of Chestnut and the Avenue, I knew it would all be okay. I also started peeping through the paper-covered windows every time I walked by, and compulsively checking their Facebook and Twitter feeds. When, oh when would they open??? Didn’t they realize how hot it was? And how much we all just wanted some dang ice cream? Well, even if patience is a virtue I was not born to have, the wait is over. The Charmery (hurray!) is open.

Owned by husband and wife team David and Laura Alima, The Charmery kind of has everything you could want in an ice cream shop. They’ve got soda fountain staples like shakes, sundaes, and floats (with Dominion root beer on tap!) , so the place really feels like a traditional ice cream parlor. And for those of us who like to keep it fresh and local (and high quality, of course) all the cream comes from Trickling Springs Creamery in Pennsylvania. We’re told that the flavors will be ever-rotating, but the menu will always represent some seasonal experimentation, some classics, and plenty of Baltimore-centric flavors (Old Bay Caramel, and the already-flying-off-the-shelves Berger Cookies and Cream, for example). I could keep going on about the place, but it’s getting to be lunch time, and frankly, I’ve got a date with some mint chocolate chip.

The Charmery is located at 801 W 36th St in Baltimore. For more information, visit


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