The Creative Alliance’s Art to Dine For Series

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The Creative Alliance's Art to Dine For series in Baltimore

When we first heard about the Creative Alliance’s “Art to Dine For” series, we thought it sounded pretty cool. Artists + their art + an intimate setting + gourmet food and good wine = Why not? Right? So we decided to check it out and scope the CA’s website. That’s when we started actually doing those kind of triple-takes and eyes-popping-out-of-head moves that you only see in Tex Avery cartoons. Why? The sheer number, variety, and quality of events taking place as part of this series could give you whiplash. It could actually overwhelm and cause a meltdown to your culture-intake-o-meter.

Take this week, for example. This week alone there are five (five!) different Art to Dine For soirees. Each takes place in an intimate setting, such as someone’s home (meaning that reservations are a must, since the events sell out quickly). Each features an artist at the top of their field, such as political cartoonist Kevin ”KAL” Kallaugher, or singer-songwriter Marion Stanley. The evenings often feature apropos discussions or workshops (learn to make your own political cartoons!) , accompanied by gourmet food and wine that is specific (of course) to each event. Keep in mind, however, that these events are like pumpkins—seemingly abundant now, but that’s because it’s their season. Take advantage before they disappear until next year.

To learn about specific Art to Dine For events and to make reservations, visit Events vary in terms of time, location and cost.

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