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Midnite Confection Cupcakes in Baltimore

It’s election season; which means that almost 24/7 we’re bombarded with debates, discussions, and op-eds. Everyone has an opinion or an argument on at least one big issue (if not many), and it can be hard to find respite from the constant back and forth—opposing views volleying facts and figures. The world of gourmet cupcakeries is of course no different. Since cupcake boutiques began springing up in metropolitan areas a few years ago we’ve heard (or been a part of) countless discussions on the subject—and they can get as heated as the political talk going around this month. Why only serve cupcakes? When did cupcakes become something adults could openly care about? How did a veritable class of cupcake connoisseurs develop overnight? And okay, okay, where can I get one and how good is it really?

The truth is, we really only care about that last question. Because when you’re biting into one of Midnite Confection’s perfectly moist and frosted delights, the cupcake trend really seems to speak for itself. The cupcakes are just that good. They could even give Cupcake Wars winner Flavor Cupcakery in Cockeysville a run for its money (we’ll have to go back and try them again and let you know). Not only that, the folks at Midnite Delights clearly have the creativity and vision to warrant such a specialization. The cupcake flavors rotate on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis (it’s very complicated, but you can check their website to have the flavor calendar broken down for you). We recommend you stop in before Saturday to catch this week’s special flavor—one that’s as trendy-but-we-can-see-why as the cupcake phenomenon itself: salted caramel. Yum.

Midnite Confections is located at 1051 S. Charles Street in Baltimore. You can check out their flavor calendar at

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