The Gathering in Hampden on Friday

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The Gathering

catch of the day fish (2)When Bob Dylan sang, “Come gather ‘round people, wherever you roam,” he wasn’t exactly talking about all of us rallying around a variety of food trucks. But, gather we will, eagerly. Summer (and sure, it’s not technically summer, but have you been outside yet today? Because we have…) is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor, even curbside dining. And when the folks at The Gathering organize such an affair, you can count on it having great music, atmosphere, and of course, the quality and variety of eats you’ve probably come to expect in our ever-more-epicurean-becoming city (never mind the syntax there).   

The Gathering puts together weekly food truck rallies, and this week, it’s happening (as they say) in Hampden. There will be all manner of edibles as well as music by Sac Au Lait, and unlimited drink wristbands for sale (hellooooo Friday…). Not only that, but there will also be a chance for attendees to win tickets to A Taste of Two Cities—you know, the competition that pits Baltimore food trucks against food trucks from D.C. (as though D.C. stood a chance of winning in any competition versus Baltimore). We’ll likely be there of course, at the beginning of June to see what the competition looks like, but in the meantime, all the best stuff is right in your backyard anyway—so why not show up, hang out, and enjoy?

The Gathering takes place this Friday, May24th, from 5pm-10pm at The Castle at Keswick—3355 Keswick Ave. For more info, visit


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