The Golden Spike at Baltimore Annex Theater

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The Golden Spike

catch of the day fish (2)First, the bad news: Baltimore’s beloved Annex Theater was flooded recently, and a good deal of their equipment—that is lights, curtains, you know, the things that help make a theater a theater—was lost to flood damage. But since then, they’ve scrambled pretty hard to get things back up and running in time for the debut of R.M. O’Brien’s new play, The Golden Spike, which runs (come hell or high water, as they say) through March 2nd.

The name R.M. O’Brien may ring a bell if you’ve read his daily musings here at Baltimore Fishbowl. But he’s also well known as a poet and curator of the local literary reading series, WORMS. His play, The Golden Spike was commissioned by local director (and often performer) Mason Ross, whose recent productions of Equus and Two Suns Over Thebes were met with much enthusiasm.  That is to say, we’re sure the combination of artistic forces behind this production will be enough to triumph over whatever flooding problems the Annex has had to overcome in recent weeks—and that the product will be fine enough to make us glad they’re on the road to recovery.

The Golden Spike runs on weekends through March 2nd. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

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