The Lost City Diner (Part II)

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Lost City Diner

catch of the day fish (2)The best thing about the Lost City Diner reopening is that it happened on, as one friend put it, “the only day when people would not actually believe it was open.” April Fool’s day. Yes, after what seemed like (okay, was) years, the diner finally opened a year or two ago, only to immediately close. Signs went up, swearing that it was coming back soon, but it never did. Until April 1st, just a couple of weeks ago. The place is finally open again, with all the meticulous décor from its first incarnation, and a menu that is still pretty diner-y, but also decidedly vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Most likely, all the hype and anticipation about Lost City opening (or opening again) comes from its high visibility location. It’s right next door to the Club Charles and the Depot, and across from the Charles movie theater and the former home of Everyman Theater. That’s a lot of drinkers/movie patrons/theater-goers who could use a shake, some fries, and a place to decompress after their other evening activities. Lost City’s vibe and menu have somehow struck a pretty good balance in terms of being able to cater to a variety of potential eaters and hanger-outers. Being there feels at once classy yet easy, eventful yet low key. Despite the numerous “breakfast” items offered, the place is only open for dinner (and well into the night)—but really, chicken and waffles are good any time, right? We hope this time it lasts.

The Lost City Diner is located at 1730 N. Charles Street in Baltimore.

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