The Maryland Film Festival

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MD Film Fest

catch of the day fish (2)So, maybe you can file this one under, “Yeah. Duh. We know.” In fact, there’s so much buzz about the festival (even just here at the Fishbowl) that it hardly needs our help. But, concerned as we are with the cultural life of our city and its citizens, we’d be remiss if we didn’t take the time to recommend attending this year’s Maryland Film Festival. Quoth David Simon (creator of The Wire): “The Maryland Film Festival is an essential stop in the festival circuit.” ‘Nuff said. We’re already a couple days into the festival, but there’s so much good stuff (and so many screenings) that believe us—you haven’t missed your chance. Yes, some films have already sold out—local films will do that—but there are so many great offerings from around the world that your dilemma will likely be trying to decide between films.

Now in its 15th year, the festival is bringing to town almost 50 feature films and 75 short films (the shorts are our personal favorite festival offering—perfect for those with attention spans on the shorter end of the spectrum).  For every feature film shown a the festival, the filmmaker attends to present their work, often with Q&A sessions afterward. Filmmakers such as John Waters, Barry Levinson, Kathryn Bigelow, Jonathan Demme, Melvin Van Peebles, and Lena Dunham have attended and presented their films in past years. Not too shabby. This year’s closing night film will be Mother of George by Andrew Dosunmu, who’ll be hosting its presentation. We don’t know much about the film itself (yet) but you know we’ll be there, popcorn in hand, to take it in.

The Maryland Film Festival runs through Sunday, May 12 in the Station North Arts District. For tickets and information, visit

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