The Mugging Victim Who Got Police Stations Open All Night is Running for Mayor

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Connor Meek is setting his sights on City Hall.

Connor Meek came to local fame after his tale of being spurned from a police station spurred reform in the police department overnight. Now, he’s running for mayor.

Saying that¬†“civic engagement is not beyond the reach of the ordinary citizen,” the 27-year-old announced his mayoral campaign today in a Baltimore Sun article. Meek registered unaffiliated, which means he will need to gather 4,000 signatures to get on the ballot.

The long statement he provided to the Sun is worth reading for its nodding to the idea that the two-party system may not work best and urging to donate to local charities rather than his campaign. Meek’s track record is short but notable. After being mugged earlier this summer, he wrote a Baltimore Sun op-ed detailing his dealings with police. One issue that stood out was a cop’s claim that the Southern District Station wasn’t open from 7 p.m. – 7 a.m. The next day, all police stations were ordered open for 24 hours.

Upon today’s announcement, Meek returned to the op-ed pages to relay another personal experience about how going to a city job recruitment office revealed to him how hard it is to get a job without Internet access.

He’s not the only 27-year-old in the mayor’s race. Earlier this week, Harvard grad Calvin Young announced his candidacy.

(Correction: A reader pointed out that the original photo in this story depicted a building that currently houses South Baltimore Learning Center, and is the former BPD Southern District station. We regret the error.)

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