The Nutcracker at the Lyric

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The Nutracker at the Lyric in Baltimore

catch of the day fish (2)As a child, I didn’t much care for watching or participating in ballet. But I was a big fan of all things that involved playing pretend, dressing up in costumes, and generally being covered head to toe in tulle and sequins and feathers. Thus, my first experience of the Nutcracker was actually attending the local ballet school’s annual fundraising rummage sale, where they sold off all of the worn out, old costumes, many of them from the Nutcracker. Priced at less than a dollar a piece, my mother was thrilled to be able to hand over a few dollars and take me home with a lifetime’s supply of tutus, headdresses, sequined ankle thingys, and more.  On the way I asked her why the ballet school had such amazing things, and why on Earth they would get rid of them. Over the drive, she explained to me what the Nutcracker was, and the next year we went to see my neighbor perform in it—she played a mouse.

As an adult, I make an effort to see the Nutcracker when I can. Its perennial charm just doesn’t falter, and if you’re someone who doesn’t get out to the ballet much, it’s nice to help meet your yearly quota. This weekend, at the Lyric, you can see the BSA dancers perform the classic piece accompanied by the BSO (live!). There are matinees, if you’ve got youngsters, and evening performances both days. If you’ve been wondering what the Sugar Plum Fairy’s been doing lately, or if you simply want to spend a couple of hours transported by enchanting music and imagery and virtuosic performance, no better place than the Lyric this weekend.

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