The Nutcracker

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catch of the day fish (2)So much of the holiday season is about tradition. The things we do every year. The carols that play in every store, on every radio station, on repeat, year after year after year. Your great aunt’s cookie recipe that only gets brought out for family holiday parties—but you know to always look forward to it. And what says Christmas tradition better than The Nutcracker? It’s pretty much the same every year, but of course, that’s part of why we look forward to it. The familiar melodies, the flawless movements, and the general splendor of it all. Whether you went every year as a child, or still have yet to take in a full production, the ballet’s magic never fails to dazzle.

Here in Baltimore, we’re also lucky enough to have our local Nutcracker presented by a winning combination of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and the Baltimore School for the Arts. We love the combo not just because, well, frankly, the production is pretty top-notch, but also because it really showcases the breadth of talent and support for creativity we have here. From our professional, world class orchestra to the amazingly talented teens growing up right here, having such a richly talented community is truly a holiday gift to be thankful for.

The Nutcracker runs through December 22. For more information, visit

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