These Awesome Sunglasses at In the Details

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In the Details

catch of the day fish (2)Maybe this is a bit of the old luddite coming out in us, but remember how they launched that whole Google Glass thing a couple months ago? And remember how it was kind of weird/freaky/futuristic-in-a-way-we’re-maybe-not-quite-ready for? It’s like internet that you wear right in front of your eyes, right? Well, even as modern as we are, it was a bit too much for our personal reality to deal with. But that’s not to say we’re not into digital eyewear, of course. We’re all about it. We just kind of want it to be more on the Super Mario Bros. end of the technology spectrum. Is that too much to ask?

In the Details (the Hampden shop that has plenty of great finds—not just in the semi-comical eyewear department) is now carrying these fabulous pixelated-looking sunglasses. We almost didn’t even share this information with the rest of the world (read: you) because wouldn’t it be cool if we were the only people walking around n them? But then, sometimes something is just so cleverly designed that the world deserves to know about it. And also, imagine if we created a Baltimore army of people walking around in these faux-digital sunglasses! It would be like we were giving the actual weird-internet-robot-glasses a run for their money. Or, if not that, at least we’d all look super futuristic—to someone in1982.

You can find these glasses at In the Details, located in Hampden at 813 W. 36th St.

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