This Company’s Sole Function Is to Cancel Comcast for You

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AirPaper ‘s stated goal is to “make painful things surprisingly easy.” The first “painful thing” the company has decided to tackle: cancelling your Comcast service.

Internet, phone, and cable provider is notorious in Baltimore for its slow service and high prices. But it’s known pretty much everywhere for its terrible customer service. Trying to cancel your Comcast service can be so frustrating that Oakland’s AirPaper is betting that you might be willing to pay $5 to have someone else do it for you.

From AirPaper’s homepage, all you have to do is click on “Cancel My Comcast” and you are prompted to enter your Comcast account information, which the company of course promises to use “exclusively to complete the process.”

You might think the existence of AirPaper would be a wake-up call for Comcast, but they’ve known about their horrible customer service for a little while now.


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