This Weekend: The Maryland Antiques Show of Hunt Valley

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catch of the day fish (2)Maybe it’s just that many of my earliest memories involve being dragged around countless antique shows and flea markets by my parents. I remember my folks haggling and making trades, asking for a dealer discount, because at that time, antiques were the family business. On one particularly traumatic occasion, I left my favorite stuffed animal (a well-worn stuffed dog from some bygone era) at a dealer’s booth and we had to go back through the entire show to track him down. When we finally did, I was of course relieved, but also disturbed to notice how he just blended in with all of the other stuff in the booth. He was old, a bit tattered, and would have stood out far more in the window of any retail toy store. This was my inheritance: a love (for better or worse) of old stuff. And so, what can I do but share it? In other words: anyone else planning to camp out in anticipation of the Maryland Antiques Show this weekend?

For over 40 years, the Maryland Antiques Show of Hunty Valley has been the event to go to for treasures of all sorts. Furniture, cookware, jewels, décor, art—it’s all there. And each day features special events like private tours, children’s craft activities, and even apropos lectures. Of course, if you’re feeling like a VIP, you can spring for the Preview Party, which comes complete with cocktails and hors d’ouevres, a chat with honorary guest, Dorothy Hamill, an auction that promises to offer something for everyone. The show itself is also a benefit for Family and Children’s Services of Central Maryland, giving you all the more reason to stop by and at the very least take a look.

The Maryland Antiques Show of Hunty Valley takes place from February 21st-24th. It will be held at The Crowne Plaza, 2004 Greenspring Drive in Timonuim. For more information, visit

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