Time for the ZooBoo!

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Lions 15 Cubs 1
No, you can’t see these guys at the ZooBoo– they’re still too young. But who doesn’t want to look at pictures of the Zoo’s newborn lion cubs?

catch of the day fish (2)What’s more fun than a bunch of humans dressed up as animals? A bunch of humans dressed up as animals surrounded by real animals! Are you with me? Well, 30 years of ZooBoo attendees can’t be wrong. This weekend, swing by the Maryland Zoo with your favorite trick-or-treater for a “frightfully fun and wildly spooktacular” time. There’s free trick-or-treating (naturally), carnival games, crafts, a hay maze, live entertainment, food and more! There’s a costume contest for kids of course, but be careful: one of the categories is “best animal”—and if your kid’s costume is too good, you may just lose your little one in the zebra herd. You never know.

We’re not sure if animals celebrate Halloween in the wild, but at the zoo, they’ll enjoy spooky treats as part of animal enrichment. By “animal enrichment” we mean classics like the Elephant Pumpkin Smash, obviously. There are different activities each day, so be sure to check before you come. And though it’s still too early to get a peek at the newborn tiger cubs (above), we’re pretty sure that the ZooBoo will still be a pretty good spot for spying on other adorable little mammals (you know—the ones walking around on two legs).

ZooBoo takes place at the Maryland Zoo from Oct 25-27 from 11:30am-2:30pm and is free with zoo admission. For more information, visit www.marylandzoo.org.

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