Time: Ravens Have the Best Home-Field Advantage in Professional Sports

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Raven Will Hill with a warrant for his arrest

Time magazine went through the last 1o years of the National Football League and calculated the difference between each team’s home and away win percentages to determine who has been playing with the greatest home-field advantage. And that distinction goes to the Baltimore Ravens .

The Ravens won only 43 percent their road games, but took 78 percent of their games at home. The Seattle Seahawks came in at a distant second. In fact, the Ravens’ unrivaled advantage at home holds up across all professional sports.

What does it all mean? Well, according to Baltimore Beatdown, it means Ravens fans are very, very loud. And the din they raise makes it difficult for the opposing to communicate on the field.

It also means that home-field advantage is crucial to the Ravens’ success. So behind every replay-worthy move on the field is a gaggle of rowdy fans in the bleachers.

So congratulations, Ravens fans. You make a difference.


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  1. Well, we have a LOT of pent-up energy from the eleven years between the Colts’ departure and the Ravens’ arrival — GO RAVENS!!!!!!

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