Tour Baltimore’s Graffiti Hotspots, in a Book

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DSCN0711Baltimore’s street art can offer one of the most momentary aesthetic thrills. But unless you’re in Graffiti Alley, an artform that exists outside galleries sacrifices the chance to see lots of different kinds of art in one place. That’s where a new book comes in.

On Sept. 28, author Michael Sachse is set to release “Baltimore Graffiti: The Definitive Charm City Collection.” The 12X12 book features more than 4000 images, taken between 2011 and 2014 on Baltimore’s streets. It’s a photo documentary of tags found around the city, with 126 different artist collages. It’s also a way to preserve the art. As we saw when crews took down a striking Gaia work on North Ave. this year, street can be a victim of progress.

On Sat., Sept. 3, Atomic Books is providing a closer look ahead of the book’s release. The evening event will feature a lecture from Sachse, as well as a slideshow of the work that he’s collected.

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