The ‘Treasure the Chesapeake’ Crab Needs a Name

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treasure the chesapeake
Just look at that poor, pathetic, name-less blue crab.

If was ever a thing I was good at, it wasn’t naming blue crabs. Crabby? Crusty? Li’l Pinch? So you’ll have to pick up the slack for me.

The Chespeake Bay Trust is crowdsourcing a name for the blue crab that appears in the lower right corner of the “Treasure the Chesapeake” license plates. They ran a similar contest last year to name the heron and came up with Wade. That’s a far slicker name than I would have given them. Harry? Beakster? Feathers McBird?

Anyway, you can submit your idea via the Chesapeake Bay Trust’s website by July 21 at 5 p.m. Three names will be selected as finalists. Then the public will weigh in and choose a winner. There are prizes involved, including your own “Treasure the Chesapeake” plate with the newly named crab on it.




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