Trinchero Wine Dinner at The Fork & Wrench

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catch of the day fish (2)So, the Fork & Wrench opened its hand-crafted, perfectly rustic doors in 2012. It is now 2014. And while we’re clearly not the first to sing the praises of this “boutique dive bar,” we will be the first to nab tickets for their Trinchero Napa Valley Wine Blending Dinner on Thursday, March 27th. Tickets go on sale (via the telephone) this evening, at 5pm. The website advises would-be-attendees to “act fast,” which, given the immense (and well-deserved) popularity of this place, is probably pretty sage advice.

The Fork & Wrench’s immediate, unanimous popularity is probably based on the trifecta of perfection immediately apparent upon sitting down. Meticulous, enviable, and inviting décor and setup? Check. Out-of-this-world food with an emphasis on the local and seasonal? Check. Drinks and mixologists remarkable enough to kind of deserve a bar unto themselves? Check. Check. Check. So whether you’ve yet to try the Fork & Wrench out for the first time, or need an excuse to come back, their upcoming Trinchero wine and dinner event is a great way to experience all the expertise and hospitality this place has to offer. But like they said: act fast.

The Fork & Wrench is located at 2322 Boston Street in Baltimore. For more information, visit To make reservations for the Trinchero Napa Valley Wine Blending Dinner, call 443.759.9360.

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