Try I-95’s New Express Toll Lanes for Free Until Friday

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I-95 Express Toll Lanes
I-95 ETL/MD 43 Interchange, looking south, via

Eight miles of express toll lanes on I-95 that run from the I-895 junction up to White Marsh opened Saturday and are free to try until Dec. 12.The express toll lanes — available to both southbound and northbound travelers — were tested out by more than 30,000 drivers on Saturday alone. There were no problems over the weekend, and according to the Maryland Transportation Authority executive director Bruce Gartner, “It seemed to be a good spread of traffic at 8 a.m. [Monday] between the general purpose lanes and the express lanes.”

When tolls come into effect Saturday, the express lanes will cost $1.75 at peak hours, $1.40 most other times, and 70 cents overnight. If you don’t have an E-ZPass device, each toll will cost a dollar more¬† and you will be billed by mail.

Northbound drivers can enter the ETL either from I-95 near I-895 merge, from I-895 just before the merge, or from Moravia Road and exit to I-95 near White Marsh or to MD-43.

Southbound drivers can enter the ETL either from I-95 near White Marhs or from MD-43 and exit to I-95 near the I-895 split, to I-895 near the split, or to Moravia Road.

Has anyone tried them out? Are they like finally waking up from a nightmare?

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