Tuesday Afternoon Headlines: Weighing the likelihood of the proposed D.C.-Baltimore maglev; Winery coming to Union Collective; and more

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Can John Means Keep It Going For Orioles In 2020? — PressBox

White Baltimore County officer disciplined after black city school principal alleges police verbally abused him — The Sun

Crazy Train — Baltimore magazine

Union Collective to welcome a winery into its mix — BBJ

VIDEO: CSX Releases Surveillance Footage After Train, Car Collide In Baltimore County — CBS Baltimore

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  1. Crazy Train? What’s that all about? Do you not understand it? More importantly, do you have an alternative? What kinds of study have been done? Why do we drive to New York instead of fly? Because it’s cheaper to drive. We know how to compare the time element with the cost and make up our minds. The fact is that rarely is D.C. a two-hour drive from Baltimore, even if you go west on 70 and south on 97. It is true that some sort of mass transit, high speed, will be needed, and soon. But does super speed at high cost answer to the needs of the masses (why do you think they call it ‘Mass Transit’)? Hey, I’ll get on board, if you can explain how this will carry enough people to make it able to cover its own costs. Considering the broad width of the State that needs to get to Washington daily, do you really think that a stop in Westport is going to help people in Frederick? This is only going to work if the Northeast Corridor is served. A Baltimore to Washington commitment will not be profitable. And you can take that to the Credit Union.

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