Tuesday Morning Headlines: Sub-Zero WInd Chills Through This Afternoon; Mizeur Blast’s ‘Failure of Leadership’ on Md. Health; SRB Floats Plan to Provide Millions in Tax Assistance; and More

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Democratic Hopeful Mizeur Decries ‘Failure of Leadership’ on Maryland’s Health Exchange – Washington Post

Why Does Maryland Lag Behind Virginia in Job Growth? – North Baltimore Patch

Balto. Co. Homicide Rates Lowest Since 1976 – Baltimore Sun

Glitch in Federal Health Site Directing Marylanders to Other States – Baltimore Sun

Sub-Zero Wind Chills Forecast Through This Afternoon – Baltimore Sun

Whatever Happened to Roscoe Bartlett? – City Paper

Rawlings-Blake Floats Plan to Provide Millions in Tax Assistance – Baltimore Business Journal

Agency Rejects Trademark of ‘Redskins Hog Rinds,’ Calling Term ‘Derogatory’ – Washington Post

Popular Voice in the Capitol? It’s the Pope’s – New York Times

New CNN Poll Finds Americans’ Support for Legal Weed Is Soaring – Business Insider


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