Turkey Trots Abound on Thanksgiving

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Turkey Trot

catch of the day fish (2)Alright. If people want to throw tomatoes at us for recommending a Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot, fair enough. We’ve personally spent enough Thanksgiving adamantly rejecting the suggestion that we do anything but alternate between lying on the couch and feasting. So sure, if the idea of exercise on that particular day offends you, feel free to skip it. But if you’d like the opportunity to get your blood pumping (and build up a hearty appetite before the feast) signing up for a little 5K walk or run may just be the ticket. The Turkey Trots are presented by the Y of Central Maryland– and there are events in Baltimore City, Ellicott City, Bel Air, Westminster, and more. You don’t need to be a Y member to join– all are welcome. The runs function as fundraisers for the Y, which of course does remarkable charitable work for children and families all year round– making it a great way to kick off a holiday season of giving. There are prizes for speed of course, but definitely no pressure. You can walk, run, or trot your way along the course at whatever pace feels right to you. After all– it’s still Thanksgiving, so really the only race you need to win is the one to the mashed potatoes.

Turkey Trots will be held at a variety of locations around Central Maryland on Thanksgiving Day. For more information, or to register, visit www.ymdturkeytrot.org.

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