Two Day Filmmaking/Storytelling Boot Camp at the Creative Alliance

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Filmmaking Boot Camp

catch of the day fish (2)Lights, camera, action. Right? Take one. Take two. Cut. That’s a wrap. Thus ends our personal knowledge of filmmaking and its vocabulary. And that was normal, once upon a time. When films were shot on film and cuts were literally that—cuts in the strip of film itself—filmmaking was only for the pros. It required special equipment, training, and a whole lot of money just to afford the rolls of film and its developing. But of course, not so any longer. YouTube alone is evidence that these days everyone can put on their director hat and declare themselves a filmmaker (for better or for worse). But of course, filmmaking and storytelling are real arts, and for those who want to truly explore the medium, a teensy bit of training surely couldn’t hurt.

For those interested in taking the plunge, the Creative Alliance is offering a two day boot camp in filmmaking and storytelling. Taught by Baltimore film pro Michelle Farrell, this course is comprehensive and suitable for folks who are totally new to the medium, as well as people who want to make their own documentaries and music videos. Learn how to choose locations; the process of the shooting day; the members of a crew and their functions; and many do’s and don’ts of filmmaking. Besides the technical stuff, the class will get into some finer points, such as how different styles of lighting help shape a story. By the end of the weekend we’re guaranteed you’ll be….rolling.

The Two Day Filmmaking and Storytelling Boot Camp takes place this Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm. Per Class: $145, $125 members. Or, for both classes: $250, $200 members. For more information, visit

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