Two Suns Over Thebes at the Annex Theater

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Two Suns Over Thebes

catch of the day fish (2)Drinking. Dancing. Complete and total abandon. Sounds like a regular Friday night, no? Well, the Annex Theater is offering such revelry in the form of Two Suns Over Thebes—a play based on the Greek classic The Bacchae. Translated and adapted by Baltimore’s own Alex Hacker, and directed by Hacker and newly-our-favorite-local-director Mason Ross, Two Suns Over Thebes offers a distinctly local and contemporary take on the Greek classic. Sure, there’s a Greek chorus; but they’re probably not quite like any Greek chorus you’ve seen before.

Two Suns Over Thebes opened October 17th, and runs through this weekend. Performed at the Annex Theater’s new venue, the Chicken Box, it packs a whole lot of punch into a very tiny space. Featuring choreography by Caroline Marcantoni (co-founder of the Baltimore Dance Round Robin) and new original music by local celebs Dan Deacon and Matmos, the play is fresher and more lively than any adaptation to date, we’re sure. See for yourself (if you can still get tickets), tonight through Sunday. And tell Dionysus we said hello.

Two Suns Over Thebes runs Nov 8, 9, and 10 at 8pm. For tickets, visit

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