U-Md.’s Deepthought2 Among the Country’s Top Supercomputers

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The deepthought2 cluster, via umd.edu.

I don’t understand supercomputers. How could I when I don’t understand regular computers? Still, there’s nothing like skimming the specs on the University of Maryland’s new computer cluster deepthought2, ranked 14th most powerful supercomputer at an American university, for a good time. You get introduced to all kinds of fun new vocabulary words (like “computer cluster”).

Deepthought2 is a “300 teraflop machine,” so called because it can process 300 trillion operations in a second. It boasts a petabyte of directly-attached storage. According to university officials, deepthought2 is equivalent to “10,000 laptops working in concert.”Plus it’s got GPU-enabled nodes.

The university said the high-performance computing system can run “simulations of particles colliding in Saturn’s rings,” in case you were wondering.

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