Um, Apparently Maryland’s Favorite Halloween Costume Is…

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Maryland's favorite halloween costume is

If you’re dressing up like a banana this Halloween, it seems you’ll be in good company. SumoCoupon put together this map that reveals the most Googled Halloween costumes by state. And yes, while most of America is preoccupied by comic book and film characters, most of us would be happy to go as a banana.

And so would the residents of Minnesota and Massachusetts. So maybe it’s an M thing. Now, if only bananas can stay “trending” long enough to get their own blockbuster film franchise.

Of course, it could be worse. In Washington state, the most Googled costume is a spider costume for a dog. What? Seriously, Washington, get with the program. 2014 is the year of the banana, and the sooner we all recognize that the better!

UPDATE: I think we can officially blame One Direction for the banana costume trend. Check out this Vine video from the end of September.

I quit.

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