UMC Raising Funds for Family of Dr. Martin Salia

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The family of Dr. Martin Salia
Dr. Martin Salia with his wife Isatu and their two sons.

Martin Salia, the Maryland doctor who contracted Ebola treating patients in his home country of Sierra Leone, was flown to Nebraska Medical Center too late. Upon his arrival in Omaha, he had “no kidney function and was unresponsive.” Less than 12 hours later, he was “in complete respiratory failure and had critically low blood pressure.”

Doctors say “every possible treatment available” was used to save Salia, including the administering of an experimental drug and a plasma transfusion from an Ebola patient who had recovered. Nebraska Medical Center Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold said that Salia’s death is confirmation that early treatment of the disease is critically important.

Salia’s wife Isatu paid the $200,000 for him to be airlifted to the United States herself. The United Methodist Church, under whose auspices Salia was treating patients in Sierra Leone, is raising funds to help cover medical and travel expenses. Washington-area Bishop Marcus Matthews said in a statement that “the presence of God…shone…brightly through Dr. Salia’s sacrificial service.”

“From his words and his work, it is clear that Dr. Salia cared for God’s people and was God’s angel for thousands of people who did not always have access to health care,” he continued. “Through his work with the Ebola patients and help at other health facilities, Dr. Salia embodied our call to serve all of God’s people.”

To donate to Dr. Salia’s family, click here.

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