Una Noche Flamenca at Area 405

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catch of the day fish (2)Here’s how Area 405’s website introduces this Saturday’s event (Una Noche Flamenca):  “If you’ve seen ANNA MENENDEZ, EDWIN APARICIO and RICHARD MARLOW perform at AREA 405 in years past, we know you’ll be back.” That is some serious confidence in how truly unique, and awe-inspiring these performers are. Personally, we’ve never seen these particular performers dance (yet…) but flamenco (any flamenco) is such an exquisite form, and it’s rare enough (in this country, anyway) to see true masters of the form that this is an evening we’re particularly excited for.

Now, you may be thinking (as we were), “Area 405? But that’s an old warehouse full of artist studios—their exhibition space is great, but flamenco? There? Really?” Yes. Yes, yes yes. For one night only, Area 405 goes from warehouse gallery to Spanish taberna—complete with tapas and sangria to complete the effect (beer and wine are also available, but come on, it’s all about an immersion experience here). Tickets for the evening are $40 or two for $75 (best date idea in recent memory? Maybe). But one word to the wise: these tickets have historically sold out—and fast. Snatch them up now and then spend the rest of the week looking forward to Saturday. We certainly are.

Una Noche Flamenca takes place on Saturday, June 8 at Area 405 (405 E Oliver St). For more information and tickets, visit www.area405.com.

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